Award-winning account management

We were named the Performance Marketing Award’s Most Effective Agency in 2017, why? Optimus Performance Marketing offers your business the ability to launch, run and grow your affiliate marketing programme, taking it to the next level. Our clients come to us to maximise their affiliate campaigns to deliver sales, traffic and to increase the profitability of the channel.

As an affiliate marketing agency, we have over 65 years experience in management within the team and a relentless eye for detail. We have the infrastructure and expertise to manage each and every aspect of your affiliate marketing programme in accordance with best practice. Your commercial and marketing objectives lie at the heart of a bespoke strategy to deliver for your brand. We ensure that our approach is tailor-made to fit your cost structure and drive relevant and reinforcing brand exposure in line with your wider marketing objectives. Our account management team tailor each programme’s strategy to suit your business needs.  Communication to affiliates, reporting and benchmarking are just a few things our team will regularly do for your programme.

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