Client Objectives

  • Improve the profitability of online sales delivered through the affiliate channel.

  • Grow the Apricot website traffic.

  • Increase online sales through the Apricot website.

Our Approach

In a previous programme Apricot were heavily reliant on retargeting affiliates, which greatly impacted the profitability of their affiliate activity. Furthermore, their affiliate sales represented only a small percentage of Apricot’s total online sales.

As a result of this, Optimus developed a strategic approach for Apricot which focussed on delivering growth in sales from top and middle tier affiliates. Optimus also developed a blogger engagement programme to increase brand awareness and quality traffic from these content relevant websites. In addition a more rigorous de-duping process was initiated as well as trialling alternative retargeting affiliates. Finally, Optimus altered the commission structure to take into account the effects of code use and sale goods on the available margin.

Apricot Results

Since managing the programme on behalf of Apricot, Optimus have increased sales by
an average of 53% versus last year. The growth in these sales is largely attributed to non-retargeting affiliates who are more engaged with the programme. The percentage of sales from re-targeting affiliates has declined from 60% to 26%. Increased profitability has been driven by preserving margin through the affiliate channel by accounting for the use of discounts and sales.

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