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Client Objectives

  • Raise brand awareness by appearing higher on Google SERPs

  • Increase organic revenue by 150%

  • Reduce the site Bounce Rate by 25%

Our Approach

As a website that specialises in baby clothing, the clear priority for the digital team at Optimus was to select a group of primary and secondary keywords that, although popular, were not saturated. Baby clothing and accessories is an incredibly popular industry with many established brands and retailers, making the keyword targeting process more challenging than you would otherwise expect it to be.

Rather than fight an uphill battle, Optimus concentrated its attention on Baby MORI’s more unique aspects, namely its dedication to aesthetic versatility and organic materials. With a product range that is handcrafted, environmentally conscious, and gender-neutral, targeting the keywords that best applied to their niche became our key focus.  

Once happy with their selection of long tail and short tail keywords, the digital team’s next step was to implement them across the site. Starting with the optimisation of meta-titles and meta-descriptions, improvements to existing content followed shortly after. Next, the digital team expanded the on-site product descriptions and crafted brand new category-level text utilising narrowly targeted keywords. Lastly, Optimus established a blog page that would allow original content to be regularly added to the site.

Whilst addressing the problems identified with on-site content, Optimus simultaneously tackled link-orientated issues. In addition to restructuring the website’s URL, 404 links were purged across the Baby MORI site and other links were augmented with alt. text to provide additional detail to physical viewers and search engine crawlers.

Baby MORI Results

Driven to build upon the success of their earlier forays into SEO, the newly established Optimus digital team went all out on Baby MORI and the fruits of their labour are clear to see.   

The results Optimus Performance Marketing achieved are:

1: Doubled Target Revenue: Optimus’ digital team achieved a 309.86% organic revenue increase in March 2016, compared to six months earlier in October 2015.

2: Improved Visitor Retention: Baby MORI’s organic bounce rate was reduced by 35%

3: Climbed 3 Pages On Google SERP Ranking: Originally found on page 5, by the end of March Baby MORI’s position had risen to page 2.    

*In the 6 months between October 2015 and March 2016


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