Kineta Matcha Green Tea Logo

Client Objectives

  • Develop a fully functioning e-commerce site that is clean, responsive, and practical

  • Maximum of 3 clicks to order

  • Ongoing SEO support and maintenance to push the site up through the SERP rankings

  • Effectively portray Kineta's brand essence

  • Optimise user experience toward driving online sales

Our Approach

Working with the brief provided by Kineta as a guideline, the first step the Optimus digital team took toward building Kineta’s e-commerce platform was drawing up a trio of concept designs that amalgamated the client’s desired criteria and site structures. These concepts were presented to the client, who identified aspects of the three designs that they found desirable.

The feedback provided by the team at Kineta allowed Optimus to develop the project and carry it towards a vision that was more closely aligned to the brand, resulting in a further three design concepts being produced. Of these three refined concepts, one was chosen for implementation and WordPress was selected as the platform on which to build the site.

The Senior Web Developer worked closely with the Head of Graphics to merge the website build and design implementation into a process that was seamless and streamlined; resulting in project completion well ahead of schedule with seamless user experience.

Working simultaneously alongside the design and development team were the Optimus SEO and Content Specialists, who expediently created and uploaded on-site content in the form of written text and images, in addition to carrying out initial onsite SEO in preparation for the new site’s launch.

The final website was presented and approved before formally launching ‘’ on Wednesday 16th September 2015.

Kineta Results

As a business entering into the realm of e-commerce for the first time, Kineta understood that they would require an aggressive strategy if they were to gain a piece of the online Matcha green tea market. By partnering with Optimus and allowing them to apply their expertise in web design, new site building, content creation, and SEO to the project, Kineta gained a much-needed advantage and were able to drive online Matcha tea sales by increasing their brand presence and reaching a far wider audience.

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