Client Objectives

  • Drive brand awareness across the range, generating long term customer value

  • Generate a 20% revenue growth on the £480,000 turnover achieved in 2014

  • Increase the number of traffic-driving affiliates by 20%

  • Increase the number of sales-driving affiliates by 20%

Our Approach

Typically, an affiliate campaign will use discount and voucher codes for the affiliates and bloggers to offer their audiences. However, GANT had specifically vetoed such an approach. Optimus, therefore, had to develop a unique approach that focussed on brand building and preserving the perception of GANT as a premium brand by leveraging their heritage and forging long-term customer loyalty.

Initially, Optimus focused on researching the affiliates and bloggers who were already driving traffic to the GANT website for menswear and then built a portfolio of men’s fashion and lifestyle affiliates.

The next phase was to research affiliates that covered the wider range of GANT products and then use this insight to find and nurture new affiliate relationships to help promote the brand.

The final phase was to integrate Type the Hype, the in-house content marketing platform developed by Optimus, to facilitate wider relationship building between GANT and bloggers. This strategy was very time-consuming but equally it was effective in generating the long-term results and sales traction the client was requesting. Optimus believe these results will also prove sustainable in the longer term.

GANT Results

Optimus has greatly exceeded the targets GANT set with the initial brief, delivering the client their most successful year to date.

The objectives set by GANT and the results Optimus have achieved are:

1. Huge revenue growth: Optimus achieve a 115% growth, against a 20% target. In real terms, this took total revenue from c. £480,000 in 2014 to over £1.03million in 2015.

2. Increased affiliate activity: Optimus grew traffic-driving affiliates by 60% year-on year, compared to a 20% target (up from 1,342 in 2014 to 2,142 in 2015), and sales-driving affiliates by 63%, compared to a 20% target (up from 260 in 2014 to 424 in 2015).

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