Kwik Fit

Client Objectives

  • To deliver a revenue growth of 24%

  • Deliver a cost of sale below 10%

  • Deliver a concise online strategy that works within supplier restrictions and brand guidelines

  • Achieve the maximum share of voice amongst competitors and rapidly increase Kwik Fit’s market share

Our Approach

One of the first activities the team at Optimus implemented on the Kwik Fit programme was to introduce a seasonal MOT strategy during the months of March and September to coincide with the new registration plates and target new customers and audiences during peak times for sales.

Timings and seasonality underpinned the success of this programme. For example, when the weather was unpredictable and cold during winter months, deals on winter tyres and batteries were prevalent, whilst during the hot summer months as the public were planning to travel or take long journeys, offers for Air Con servicing and pre-holiday car preparations were more commonplace.

Multiple and concurrent exclusive voucher codes and cashback incentives were introduced for the Kwik Fit brand in order to attain maximum exposure and coverage, as well as regularly planted generic codes put in place to sustain merchant page exposure and conversion results.

The unique rotation of offers and promotions on behalf of Kwik Fit means that a spread of deals are constantly available; appealing to a wide age range of motorists with varying requirements and consistently communicating the Kwik Fits brand value proposition. This maximises the volumes of what are essentially distress or planned purchases in most cases; as car repairs are often essential and MOT’s a legal requirement.

Kwik Fit Results

The activity implemented by Optimus exceeded the growth target of 24% and delivered a substantial
63% growth in revenue. Another key objective was to reduce the cost of sales to below 10% and Optimus delivered a cost of sales below 7%. Furthermore, each of the key service areas showed double-digit growth: MOT at 63%, Services at 77%, Tyre Fitting at 86% and Mobile Fitting at 114%. For every £1 spent on affiliate activity, Kwik Fit noted a £15.60 return on investment.

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