Client Objectives

  • Increase exposure for the brand

  • Increase sales

  • Reduce costs and increase revenue

Our Approach

Optimus started working with Snapfish in 2010, and a review of the programme found that commission was based upon a fixed amount per order. There was no target order value and the average order value was just £1.50.

Immediately, we removed the high commission on free prints, which accounted for the majority of low-value orders. Then we changed the commission structure to reward based upon total spend, offering up to 20% commission at times but by ceasing to pay commission on free prints, the true value of the channel was being realised.

We saw that repeat orders had increased and as we were declining fraudulent new orders, we were able to prove that customers were setting up bogus accounts to earn cash back and rewards for taking free prints. Once we had changed the commission structure to reward on a % of sale, affiliates were correctly incentivised and customers were encouraged to increase their average spend on each sale.

Snapfish Results

In 2017, Snapfish saw phenomenal results in comparison to the period before Optimus were managing the affiliate programme. We delivered a staggering 3511% increase in return on investment on the average order. Compared to sales pre-dating our account management, we have delivered 2257% growth in affiliate revenue for the programme. The average order value for the same period has also increased by 780%. The cost per action has decreased from 500% in 2010 to 16% in 2017.

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