Client Objectives

  • Maximise relevant publisher recruitment before the key Christmas sales period.

  • Grow profitable sales year on year.

  • Maintain the awareness and revenues from non-Pandora brands.

  • Drive publisher support for Pandora promotions.

  • Deliver sales at a cost of below 15% Our Approach.

Our Approach

To ensure the recruitment of key affiliates Optimus delivered a very aggressive launch strategy based on introductory commission rates and exclusive promotions to target relevant affiliates via an exhaustive benchmarking study of key rivals. This ensured that all key partners were in place to deliver support over the important Christmas sales period.

In order to maintain online share of voice against long established rivals, Optimus have maintained a strategy of exclusive codes and commission rates to ensure a constant delivery of exposure through newsletters, homepage presence, category presence and social media.

To grow brand awareness a lot of paid tenancies were negotiated – however these have been reduced as revenue growth has been proven to publishers. Optimus experimented with code based offers to optimize the conversion rates as well as ensuring partners are offered a number of codes to maximize exposure without compromising “exclusivity”.

The Jewel Hut Results

In the first Christmas trading period Optimus delivered over £290k during the months of November and December 2012. Since launch The Jewel Hut has experienced over 15% annual growth in revenues in what is a very competitive environment. Latest data shows they are currently trending at 20% growth with yearly revenues over £1M in 2014. Furthermore the cost of sale has fallen from 18% to 12% resulting in increased profitability of the programme.

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