The London Pass

Client Objectives

  • Drive sales revenue growth.

  • Attract more traffic volume to our website.

  • Grow a global marketing campaign.

Our Approach

When Optimus started working with The London Pass in 2009, the first task was to build a base of affiliates that would provide The London Pass with a strong foundation capable of delivering aggressive revenue growth. Now 5 years down the line, Optimus are constantly expanding the affiliate base of The London Pass programme with a rigorous recruitment programme. This includes blogger recruitment, as content affiliates play a huge part in the success of the London Pass brand. They encourage people to talk about the pass, and what it can offer, which has proved to be one of the most effective methods of online marketing for The London Pass.

Global reach was essential for The London Pass campaign. The in house international and bi-lingual team at Optimus completed outreach to potential partners from all corners of the globe. They managed to build relationships with these affiliates and encourage them to truly believe in the values of The London Pass, thus delivering a truly global campaign.

The London Pass Results

Since starting the partnership with Optimus, The London Pass programme has seen over 800% growth in revenue. With a consistent focus on affiliate recruitment and content driven communication, an average of 58% growth in yearly sales is being maintained.

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