In-Depth Digital Marketing Consultancy & Reporting

Whether you’re a small business with a new website or an established company with an in-house marketing team, it can be challenging to know exactly what ought to be done to properly market your website. The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing and without a little direction, it is easy to get lost in carrying out actions that are equal parts gratuitous and frivolous.

At Optimus-PM, we have built our reputation on helping businesses grow their online presence. Our team is made up of digital marketing specialists with a wide and varied range of experience and expertise, allowing us to offer advice and solutions that are sure to improve a website’s visibility.

Detailed, in-depth reporting is the cornerstone of our digital marketing consultancy service and we strive to ensure that by the end of the process, clients are fully equipped to tackle the challenges posed by a competitive online environment.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

We appreciate that every business is unique and the same goes for every website. This is why we specifically tailor our consultation services to each client depending on their website’s size, age, and online visibility. Below you will find just a few examples of what we offer as part of the Optimus Digital Marketing Consultancy service.

Digital Market Research – The way we use the internet evolves with each new technology and algorithm that is introduced, so it is essential that businesses do whatever they can to gain an advantage. From competitor analysis to keyword research, we’re able to provide much-needed insight into how others in your industry are behaving and what potential customers are searching for online.

Website Audits – It doesn’t matter whether a website is old or new, there is always something that has been missed out or forgotten about. Our website audits aim to identify these gaps and correct them so that every single page is contributing fully to the wellbeing of the site as a whole. These audits also tend to provide a great deal of insight that can be used to help with future planning.

Pre-Launch Strategy – Even before construction of a site begins, it is important to have a clear vision of how the end result shall look, what its layout will be like, and what functionality is going to be required. The Optimus web design and development team’s input will not only help to provide a better idea of what is and is not realistically achievable but shall also streamline the initial planning process so that the best possible websites can get built in as short a time as possible.

Long-Term Planning – When a website is new or has not been optimised there is a multitude of actions that can be taken, but (hopefully) the time will come when that list becomes little more than a line. There is never a good time to slow down or step back when it comes to a website, which is why it is imperative to have a long-term website strategy in place. At Optimus, we are no stranger when it comes to planning for years into the future and we’re happy to share what we have learned with clients who’re concerned about doing the same.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Analysis – Social media platforms have become a popular avenue for businesses trying to promote themselves online and provide value-adding services; such as after-sales support, competitions, and expert advice. Our SSM analysis will help to highlight potential opportunities that will help to grow your online following, as well as identify various means of encouraging engagement and rewarding those who interact with you.

The examples above should provide a taste of what the Optimus Digital Marketing Consultancy service provides. If you’re interested in hearing our thoughts on your website or would like some advice with regards to SEO, PPC, social media, etc. please do not hesitate to get in touch. You will find a helpful form below that you’re welcome to fill out, email us at, or call us on 01752 – 775 – 751

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