Last month we launched a fundraiser to help the people of Ukraine, many of whom were caught in war zones after the Russian government launched a full-scale invasion on February 24,2022.

We are happy to report that with the efforts of the entire Gen3 Marketing family we have successfully raised $2.485 USD!

The fundraiser will benefit Direct Relief which is a known and verified non-profit organisation that specialises in providing medical aid to people affected by poverty or emergencies.

Health concerns during this time in Ukraine include medical needs for thousands of people that have been internally displaced within the country and many others that have fled into refugee camps that have been established in the neighbouring countries of Moldova, Poland, and others.

Healthcare challenges currently include:

  • Limited quantity of emergency response medical supplies and equipment for those injured in the conflict
  • Infectious diseases — in Ukraine, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, polio, and Covid-19 are particular concerns, especially since oxygen shortage is a serious problem in the country.
  • Loss of chronic care medications frequently leads to acute, life-threatening health crises.
  • Maternal health care and vital services are disrupted.
  • The trauma of conflict has significant consequences on people’s mental health.

From the bottom of our heart thank you to everyone who donated to the fundraiser. Rest assured that your contribution will go a long way to help provide medical relief to those in need.

Direct Relief is working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other on-the-ground partners to provide exactly what’s needed for different segments of the population affected by the humanitarian crisis. The graph below shows the statistics of what Direct Relief has already done for the country since the beginning of the conflict.

The fundraiser is coming to a close, but unfortunately the war seems far from over. The Russian government is still bombing cities, their troops are still fighting their way for control of Ukrainian territories.

To some the war in Ukraine may now appear as old news, but we cannot normalise this situation. Please continue to collectively raise awareness about the ongoing humanitarian crisis. We also encourage you to donate to these verified organisations  Come Back Alive, Helping to Leave and Voices of Children.

Our hearts are with the Ukrainian people, and we will keep hoping that, sooner rather than later, this dark chapter will end.