Briscoe French PR Agency

With decades of communication experience and offices in Hampshire and Devon, Briscoe French has been recognised as one of the most outstanding PR agencies in the South of England. Kevin Briscoe, Director of Briscoe French, has been working nationally and internationally in media, corporate communications and PR for over 25 years and brings his vast experience, creativity and flair to every project he undertakes. The team at Briscoe French is comprised of former journalists, digital specialists and corporate communications experts, providing clients with a blend of newsroom know-how, digital PR expertise and plain-talking, creative public relations advice.

As well as helping businesses to grow through their enhanced reputation and carefully managed profiles, Briscoe French also teach people in business how to do it for themselves. They achieve this by running media training courses – teaching people in the public eye how to handle the media – as well as conducting courses on all aspects of copywriting, PR and social media.

Briscoe French has achieved immense success in its journey so far and has now partnered with Optimus Performance Marketing in order to develop its SEO and PPC, and ensure continued growth and success of the PR agency across a number of online channels. As an award-winning digital marketing agency, Optimus-PM is the perfect partner for a PR agency like Briscoe French and everyone at both companies is eager to begin working together.

Kirsty Miragliotta, Sales & Account Development Manager at Optimus-PM, commented: “With a wealth of Digital Marketing agencies available, we are delighted to be working alongside Briscoe French to aid with marketing their business through SEO and digital PPC campaigns. We aim to help drive awareness of this award-winning PR Agency and their range of services which include Media profile, Social Media strategy and management, content creation and media related training courses including writing for Social Media amongst others giving us plenty to work with.”

Kevin Briscoe, Director at Briscoe French, said: Businesses throughout the south and south-west have fantastic stories to tell but can’t always find the right words or the right channels to get their message across. We do that for lots of successful businesses now and I am very confident that working with Optimus-PM will enable us to provide our services to many more in the coming months.”

Optimus Performance Marketing is an award-winning provider of digital marketing services and Europe’s largest affiliate marketing agency. With clients of various sizes from numerous countries and continents, Optimus-PM is driven by the success of those it works with and is capable of offering an array of complementary digital marketing solutions to make sure these ends are met.

If you’re interested in finding out how the team at Optimus-PM could help your business grow, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on +44 (0)1752 – 775 – 751, or via email at

Author: Alem Al-Khamiri

The head of SEO, PPC and digital content at Optimus-PM, Alem is Google AdWords certified and has years of digital marketing & website management experience.

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