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Earlier this year, the team at Optimus Performance Marketing (Optimus) selected Children’s Hospice SW as their annual corporate charity.  Following this announcement, Optimus were invited by Children’s Hospice SW to visit the Little Harbour hospice near St Austell, to gain a better understanding of how the money they raise will be used.

The team were so touched by their experience that they would recommend a visit to everyone:

“The trip down to Little Harbour was both heartwarming and eye opening. It’s left me wanting to raise even more money to help make a positive difference to the lives of these families.” – Josh Notman, Account Support Worker at Optimus

What an informative and insightful tour. Seeing where our money goes is a real incentive to fundraise more and raise even more smiles.” – Holli Littlefair, Account Executive at Optimus

Visiting Little Harbour was fascinating. Their story is incredibly inspirational which was made more amazing by the fact that they have been helping families for 25 years with very little support from the government.” – Neringa Savickaite, Account Executive at Optimus

“It was a real privilege to have been invited on the tour. Children’s Hospice SW are truly inspirational. The little details and small touches they have thought of for the families they care for is both heartwarming and smile-raising.” – Abigail Weaving, Account Executive at Optimus

“I was absolutely mesmerised by Little Harbour. The facilities available to the families are exceptional and once you see the work they do with your own eyes it gives you an even better understanding of why they need as much fundraising support as possible.”Liam McGuire, Brand Designer at Optimus

Little Harbour is an amazing place, full of fantastic people who do exceptional work to help really deserving families. It is great that our company is supporting them this year and getting the chance to visit was brilliant. Hopefully we can raise a large amount for this superb cause.” – Severiano Catindig-Stagg, Senior Account Manager at Optimus

“The visit to Little Harbour was incredible and really moving. The love, thought and care put into the hospice was so apparent. There was a homely feel about it and the staff do everything possible to keep the children and families happy and in high spirits. The fact that the parents have the opportunity to relax and have some fun is just so moving too.” – Jess Burgess, Account Support Worker at Optimus

The recent visit to the Little Harbour Hospice was amazing, it was good to physically see what our fundraising efforts is helping to achieve. It was very touching, and I will continue to do all I can to help raise as many funds as possible!” – Élise Landrieu, European Account Manager at Optimus

“The Visit to Little Harbour was an amazing experience and I was completely shocked by their efforts. It was a massive eye opener of how much work goes into running the Hospice and It has totally inspired me to want to raise money for this great cause.” – Danielle Putt, Account Support Worker at Optimus

“It was really nice to see such a lovely location made available to families and children with health difficulties. The Little Harbour looked like an extremely enjoyable and fun place to visit, it has certainly inspired me to help out and raise as much money as I can for the cause.”Dean Smith, Account Executive at Optimus

Mark Russell, CEO at Optimus Performance Marketing added: “It has been really heartening to see our team come together and support Children’s Hospice SW. It’s such a deserving charity and the team have already raised a huge amount for them. Following such a moving visit, I’m sure we go above and beyond our fundraising targets for the year.”

This year, a few brave Optimus team members will be jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft for CHSW. If you would like to support Children’s Hospice South West and help fundraise towards the cause, please visit our page to make a donation:




Image credits: BSW Engineers


Author: Alem Al-Khamiri

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