Recently we’ve have seen some high quality traffic volumes being driven to the MandMDirect DE programme, with the affiliate channel influencing the top selling products sitewide. Senior OPM Account Manager for the programme, Élise Landrieu‑Bratu​ explains that the programme’s partnership with content affiliate Prinz-Sportlich has seen a lot of traffic driven last month.

Since the 1st of November Prinz-Sportlich have sent over 30k visitors to the MandMDirect DE site, via their promotion of the Adidas Damen Sneakers, which has made this line one of the top selling products for the entire MandMDirect DE website. With over 7.5k products available onsite, this illustrates both the influence and value of content publishers in the affiliate channel.

If you would like to join the MandMDirect DE programme, you can find out more and apply here.

Author: Ellie Inman

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