Optimus Performance Marketing are pleased to announce the launch of the Creditspring affiliate programme on the Optimus Network, powered by Impact Radius. This programme offers a unique loan product from a totally transparent lender. Creditspring’s pre-approved loans come free of interest. Instead, you simply pay a monthly, fixed membership fee. This lender offers access to two no-interest loans per year of £250 in exchange for a £6 monthly membership fee. The loans are designed specifically for unexpected expenses to help the 40% of the country that has no savings (Rep. APR 87.4%).

Loans from Creditspring are reported as normal high street loans, not payday loans, so you don’t get penalised just for taking one. Plus Creditspring report monthly membership fees and repayments to credit agencies to help you build your credit, even when you don’t borrow. So this membership offers huge benefits to a wide range of potential customers.

The programme offers a generous commission of £30 per sign up, and we are looking to work with all affiliate types on this campaign. We are particularly interested in any opportunities to work with affiliates on any editorial content that can educate in the benefits of being a Creditspring member. This programme will be managed by Mark Russell and he can be reached on creditspring@optimus-pm.com.

Full programme details can be found here, or to sign up now please click here.

Author: Ellie Inman

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