Bruce and Andy at the PMI event 2015

The PMI conference is the largest gathering of UK performance marketing professionals in the calendar year. This event is a chance for agencies and brands to engage in business networking, and attend roundtable discussions and workshops with leading industry experts on a huge range of performance marketing topics.

One of the many sessions the Optimus team attended was a talk on ‘Six secrets to overcoming Social Marketing Hurdles’ by Social Media/Marketing expert, Principal Partner at Weaver Global Advisory, Eric Weaver. Weaver’s “take away” point being that unless you boost a post on Facebook, you’re never going to be able to get real engagement. Which for a lot of SME’s calls into question the viability of their existing social strategies, which are often run on little or no advertising budget.

At the end of talk Q&A, one audience member responded to this statement by asking what a smaller brand should do if they don’t have the budget? Weaver replied by saying that it is extremely difficult to get organic engagement so try and make a budget for it. Potentially this makes it very difficult to compete with big brands when you’re on a small budget. Weaver went on to talk about ‘Stepping back and re-thinking your approach to content because if we can measure content’s worth; we can measure fan resonance’.  This can be interpreted in many ways, potentially concentrating on quality over quantity and assessing which marketing channels will drive the best results outside of Facebook.

Eric Weaver at the PMI event 2015

This session was a perfect illustration of the scope and diversity in the performance marketing sector and the willingness to share knowledge and opinion to develop client business and revenues.

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Author: Alem Al-Khamiri

The head of SEO, PPC and digital content at Optimus-PM, Alem is Google AdWords certified and has years of digital marketing & website management experience.

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