Maverick & Wolf is an online designer eyewear store based in London and they have chosen to partner with Optimus to launch their new affiliate programme.

Specialising in current and up to date fashionable eyewear, Maverick & Wolf has earned its reputation as a trusted source for fashionable eyewear products. The affiliate programme, managed by Optimus, will help Maverick & Wolf build on its success to date, drive brand awareness and generate further sales.

To read more about the affiliate programme with Maverick & Wolf, please follow this link.

Working closely alongside the brand is Andy Notman. Please contact him at or call him on 01752 761081 for any further information on the programme.

Author: Alem Al-Khamiri

The head of SEO, PPC and digital content at Optimus-PM, Alem is Google AdWords certified and has years of digital marketing & website management experience.

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