Optimus Performance Marketing are proud to announce the launch of the Big Green Egg affiliate programme on the Impact Radius network. The Big Green Egg is the ceramic karnado style grill, loved by Michelin starred chefs, foodies and barbecue aficionados worldwide. Big Green Egg are leading the way in charcoal fuelled, cook-everything, NASA inspired ceramics to become the phenomenon it has today. Whether you are a BBQ rookie or a master griller, a vegan or a meat lover the Egg is for you. Besides its ravishing good looks, the Egg retains moisture beautifully which means you’d have to really try to burn something on it!

The programme is now live and looking for affiliate partners in the UK, offering a generous 4% on all sales (or 2% where a voucher code is used). The programme is managed by Bruce in the UK who is contactable on biggreenegg@optimus-pm.com.

More information can be found about the programme here, or to join today please click here.

Author: Ellie Inman

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