Ellie Inman joined the Optimus team with a history of working in administration, sales and the fast-paced world of creative photography. Her past experience of administration has allowed Ellie to take on her new role with confidence and her positive contributions to the Affiliate support team are already becoming apparent. Tasked primarily with helping the Affiliate Account Managers by keeping their records up to date, Ellie’s computer skills and creative outlook has also lent itself to the creation of daily newsletters for various clients.

In addition to working with the Affiliate support team, Ellie has more recently began working alongside the digital marketing team to learn about Search Engine Optimisation. So far this has involved creating meta-data for web pages and writing blog posts that are as much for Google’s benefit as they are for their reader’s. Ellie has shown a keen interest in SEO as it was an area that she was unfamiliar with before starting at Optimus. Though her training is still very much in its early stages, over the last month Ellie has become more aware of SEO techniques and standard practices, gaining a greater appreciation of the many ways it can impact a site’s organic traffic from Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Melanie Fice joined the Optimus Affiliate Introducing Optimus-PM's Apprenticessupport team with experience in game design and digital art. Exceptionally talented with computers and skilled in the use of Adobe and Microsoft software, Melanie works efficiently in her role as a member of the Affiliate Support team and as an assistant to the graphic and web design department. Like Ellie, Melanie works alongside the Affiliate support team to ensure the information entered into Optimus’ databases are done so accurately and regularly. Creating newsletters is also a large part of Melanie’s role and has been an area where her computer skills have been put to best use and will no doubt get the opportunity to develop even further.    

When she is not carrying out Affiliate marketing tasks, Melanie works alongside Ed Watson, Optimus’ Head of Design & Creative. Whilst it is still early days, she has already started learning the individual needs of specific clients and has created banners for websites in accordance with their branding and a set brief. Melanie’s main responsibilities within the digital marketing team are to assist with image generation and manipulation, but her creative input is also highly valued and shall undoubtedly be seen more of in the months to come.

Both Ellie and Melanie have settled into Optimus nicely over the last month and have both worked hard to complete the tasks that have been thrown their way.

Author: Alem Al-Khamiri

The head of SEO, PPC and digital content at Optimus-PM, Alem is Google AdWords certified and has years of digital marketing & website management experience.

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