Affiliate Management

Our Affiliate Managers Are Well Trained and Highly Experienced

We’ve been there since the beginning and understand how the affiliate marketing industry has changed over the years. We have a team of affiliate managers who are dedicated to serving our clients in the affiliate space, building relationships with publishers, leveraging platform technology and developing a thorough understanding of how the channel can make revenue for brands.

Supporting our client’s activities is central to what we do and has been throughout the whole time we’ve grown as an affiliate marketing agency. From the frontline, which is our affiliate managers, to all the staff that work to support them, we ensure that there is a collective experience and understanding throughout our whole company of the standard that we expect to deliver.


Experienced affiliate managers Optimus Performance Marketing

What Clients Can Expect from Us

High quality management

The extent and nature of how we collaborate with merchants is largely defined by their requirements and what we can do to support them in their marketing activities. Communication is key and we’re in regular dialogue with the brands we work for to review what is and isn’t working, showcasing new avenues that we could be exploring and ensuring that our affiliate managers are delivering the best possible results.

Our Authority Within the Industry

We’ve been there since the very beginning

Optimus Performance Marketing has been a very influential agency in the development of the performance marketing industry for several reasons. As one of the very first affiliate marketing agencies to explicitly target smaller brands and deliver a very high standard of service, we helped to define what clients expected of the industry as well as what is possible to deliver for a reasonable budget.

Affiliate Managers At Optimus Performance Marketing

Understanding Your Business

An extension of your marketing team

A brand’s needs often change depending on marketing objectives, seasonality and external factors that will affect strategy, therefore we’re always adaptable and can shape the affiliate channel to work in perfect cohesion with the rest of an eCommerce strategy. The affiliate channel can support your online efforts in whatever way best suits the business, and we will always be on hand to advise and suggest ideas.

Free Program Review

We’re confident that we have the skills to help your business, so why not allow us to show you? We’ll provide a full analytical breakdown to showcase how Optimus can improve your affiliate marketing program and deliver your business better results.