Company Culture

The Ingredient That Has Made Us Successful

The key to our success has always been the Optimus culture and our inclusive relationship as a team. Our expertise, experience and organisation have led to a consistent performance level that has had a lot of industry recognition, through numerous UK and global marketing awards. Few agencies have remained as consistent for as long as us, which is a testament to the strength of our original goals and company ethos.

Maintaining annual growth in clients and turnover, as well as remaining profitable is a testament to our core values and the platform we offer to our affiliate managers to help them to succeed. This consistency has not come at the expense of evolution, and we have continued to improve and define account management standards throughout the many stages of growth and maturation the industry has seen over the last 14 years.

Account Managers Meeting To Discuss Affiliate Program Management

Our Company Culture

We believe in relationship building and give our affiliate managers the freedom to thrive

Our strong client retention is down to the relationship our affiliate managers have with partners. We give all our staff members the freedom to get out of the office and regularly meet with clients and advertisers. Affiliate marketing is as much about numbers as it is about building relationships, and we’re experts in both disciplines. It takes time to maintain an understanding and companionship between two parties, and we prioritise the building personal relationships with everyone we work with.

What We Are Known For

We strike a balance between working hard, and playing hard

Whether you want to give us a call to discuss a new product range and how it can work in the affiliate channel, or if you want to meet us for a beer and catch up, the Optimus team has always been readily available to communicate with our clients in whatever form required. Our affiliate managers are often seen around Europe, visiting clients, attending events, award ceremonies and conferences relating to the industry to profile our agency and represent our client’s interests.

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What An Optimus Employee Can Expect

A solid working environment that offers flexibility, education and positive outcomes

A company is nothing without its people, and we would have not been in business for as long as we have if we didn’t have an amazing team in place to deliver results. Our affiliate managers get full support to develop their skills and have fun in the process. We believe in innovation and creativity and give our employees the freedom to express themselves, discuss their ideas and improve their skill set.

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