In-house Network

An Affiliate Network Geared Up to Deliver Success

As the affiliate marketing channel has matured, the requirements of merchants in terms of commercial flexibility and reporting insights have grown. As a result, tracking platforms have evolved to meet the needs of the modern digital marketing world.

Affiliate management is more effective when a brand is working with technology that’s been created with performance in mind. After a review of the available technologies, Optimus chose to partner with Impact to power their in-house affiliate network. As you would expect from a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, the Optimus affiliate network has all the functionality you could need to improve performance of any program, as well as enjoying the ongoing improvement and investment in the base technology driven by both experience and the ongoing needs of the entire Impact user base.

The Optimus network’s reporting capabilities are of the highest quality and the data can be broken down into the most granular of detail, giving us an intricate insight into what is working for brands and what is not, which publishers are driving traffic and the ones that are converting sales. This means our account managers and clients can see how the affiliate channel is performing in fine detail, driving deeper understanding and facilitating ever more effective strategies.

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The Optimus Affiliate Network

The key features and what sets it apart from the rest

The Optimus network offers clients a cost-effective tracking solution with the depth of functionality to support a multitude of affiliate marketing strategies. This is achieved through rules-based commissioning, flexible tracking and granular reporting. In having an in-house network, Optimus is able to put together commercial solutions for clients that offer commercial flexibility as well as being cost-effective. Regardless of the price, rules can be set so that a client can control the maximum cost of a sale. A program on the Optimus affiliate network will always work within the agreed margins and deliver the required return on investment for all our partners.

Reporting Capabilities

Multi-channel reporting, intricate detail and easy to use software

The reporting capabilities of the Optimus affiliate network are customisable to suit the preferences of our clients. From the front-end dashboard through to ad-hoc and scheduled reporting, the platform’s flexibility allows the numbers to broken down into the most granular detail so that our account managers and clients alike can quickly see what strategies are working for their business. With an easy to use interface, backed up by powerful and constantly evolving technology, the Optimus in-house network is an affiliate manager’s dream.


Try It For Yourself

Here are a few examples of how the Optimus affiliate network has driven results for brands

For international brands such a Crocs and MandM Direct, we consolidated all their international programs onto our network platform, simplifying reporting, saving money and improving their ability to launch quickly in new territories. The Optimus network has increased the efficiency of the affiliate channels, saving both time and money. The platform also allows each client to use Google Analytics alongside affiliate reporting, aiding ongoing optimisation of their overall eCommerce strategies.

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