Publisher Relationships

Affiliate Recruitment, and its Importance to Delivering Success

An essential element of a successful affiliate marketing program is the type, and quality of publishers you choose to work with. Affiliate marketing websites will increase the amount of traffic being driven to your site, but it’s important to be working with partners that also compliment your brand.

Our affiliate managers have connections throughout the affiliate publisher world and can position clients in the right areas to drive relevant traffic. Understanding the individual affiliate business models is key to driving the most appropriate traffic to that will satisfy a client’s commercial objectives via relevant messaging to potential customers. Your recruitment plan is, therefore, one of the most important aspects of your program, and we’re an affiliate marketing agency that has always delivered successful recruitment strategies for our clients.

affiliate managers networking with publishers

The Affiliate Mix

Different affiliate types and how they can help your business

There are various affiliate marketing websites and types and they all have different capabilities. For example, a well-structured voucher code plan using the most suitable partners can be a fantastic way to convert sales. Likewise placing promotions with social influencers or content sites is great for brand awareness and driving new customers. We usually plan quarterly and our affiliate managers compose strategies that best utilise all different types of publishers.

Advertisers Generate Leads

A tried and tested way of driving new customers to your site

Affiliates have a whole range of promotional methods they use to push offers, such as email marketing, competition pages, social media advertising and onsite placements. We’ve tried and tested most packages and work with advertisers to compile bespoke plans that we think will best suit our client’s individual needs. It’s a successful way to generate leads for brands and can be manipulated over time when data is available to understand what works best for different clients.

Publisher Relationships

Building an understanding of who does what

To enjoy a good working relationship with such a large mix of affiliate publishers (advertisers) takes years of time and ongoing dialogue, and in our 14 years, we’ve never lost sight of the importance of these relationships. Our affiliate managers are well known within the industry and are encouraged to spend time visiting our contacts and attend networking events in the UK and worldwide. Because of this, our reputation as an affiliate marketing agency stretches far and wide and there are very few publishers within the affiliate world that we don’t we know.

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